Foalio Activity (Part 1)

Let’s be honest, it feels good to get feedback. We’re out there putting our creative neck on the line, a little “thumbs up” or “great work” or “I’m foaming at the mouth” never hurts the ego. Thankfully, Foalio gives you a couple great options to give much-needed feedback to other creatives.


Props are Foalio’s version of Likes. This is a fast, efficient and easy way to say, “I dig it.” Just find your way to a cool project like this one and click “Prop This” at the top of the right sidebar.


Plain and simple, say something! If you’re out and about checking out great creative work and you feel inspired, tell the artist. We’ve made this as painless as possible. When you’re checking out a project and you feel the urge, scroll down below the images and leave your mark!

What are you waiting for? Get active on Foalio. Spread the word. 

Job Posting, Hunting & Recruiting on Foalio

We all have one thing in common in today’s economy… work. We either need good, reliable & creative workers or someone awesome to work for. Here are some great tips to remember when using Foalio to find potential job candidates:

JOB POSTING: Finding the right creative candidate for your job

1. Do some research

When you have a specific job to fill, do some research in advance. There are a lot of great artists out there, but not all will fit the bill for your needs. Are you looking for someone to design a Zombie-Eating-Clownasaur for your next t-shirt line? Browse around on Foalio and see if you can’t find the perfect match, then contact the artist directly from their profile using the “Hire Me” button. 

2. Take your time

Once you’ve browed the Foalio directory for inspiration, you might be ready to create a free job post to find candidates. Take your time during this step. Create an appealing job post… remember you are hiring an artist! A giant run-on sentence doesn’t typically showcase professionalism or creativity. Use the built in HTML editor to fine tune your job post (i.e. Make important text bold, separate information into paragraphs, post links to outside sources of inspiration, use bullet points to list job responsibilities or perks).


Extra Credit: Take the extra step to “give props” to projects that you love on Foalio. This will give job candidates an even better idea of what you are looking for. And, upload an avatar to your profile, so people have a personal reference of who they are working with.

3. Create an offer

Let’s be honest, you have a budget for creative work, and creative workers want to know what they are working for. Be up front about how much your job pays. Is it a “flat rate” for the job, or will you be paying hourly? Is this a freelance job that could take a couple of days, or do you need a creative on hand for 6 months? The more specific you are, the better your chances of finding the right person for your needs.

P.S. - Foalio does not accept job listings that involve “spec work”. If you are looking for people to submit designs according to your specifications that you can choose from before you hire them, we will not activate your listing. Learn more.

4. Share your job listing

Once you submit your job post, Foalio will review it and activate it. Go to your listing and use the sharing features on the right sidebar to email it, tweet it, post it to facebook and get more traction.

5. Review your applicants and HIRE!

Once your job post is active, go to the “Your Jobs” tab on your Dashboard to see Applicants. You can browse applicant profiles and contact them about hiring them for the job! 

We hope that Foalio can be a great resource to help you find the work that you need! Send us an email and let us know about your experiences!

Happy Hunting,

The Foalio Crew

Growing Organically Takes Time

Launching a new web application is a true test of patience. It can be lot like really wanting Christmas to get here… but it’s only January.

For the impatient, loads of money is spent on advertising in an attempt to accelerate the adoption of the idea. Loads more money is spent hiring a massive team to pull out all the stops and attract as many users as possible, as quickly as possible.

But, we believe in the organic approach. The one where you put a frog in a pot of water and set it to boil. And, we believe in the organism, and that’s you. We believe that, in time, people will begin to see and understand the value of the idea and build a community around that value.

Foalio is not built around a new idea. It’s built around an idea that we weren’t satisfied with, so we decided to take matters into our own hands. There are brilliant artists that, given the chance to be seen, would be hired by just the right people. But, they’re not being seen. There are so many people looking for those artists that, given the opportunity and budget to find them, would love to hire them. But, they can’t find them or don’t have the money to invest in finding them.

For six months, people have slowly been hearing about Foalio. One person discovers the gem and tells a friend. Another tweets a new project. And another posts a job. Six months from now, we hope the organic approach gives us a window into the value people find in our service.

We are actively involved in making Foalio a great service for you. But, remember, growth takes time. We hope that you will post a new project, tell a friend or post a job… and grow organically with us into the future.


The Foalio Crew


Happy One Monthiversary!

Today marks 1 month that Foalio has been in Beta! Thanks to all of the amazing artists who have helped create a spot for us in the world. We’re working hard every day to make Foalio a great resource for artists and those in need of an artist. Now get out there and create your own portfolio if you haven’t already: Here’s to the next month… cheers!


Jon Contino, Alphastructaesthetitologist

Every now and then, an artist catches your eye and just sticks. Such is the case with Jon Contino. A New York native, Jon utilizes “hand-drawn lettering and typographic illustration in conjunction with a modern, yet minimalistic sensibility”.

We’ve been digging Jon’s work for a while now. Check out his work at, buy his stuff at and share the love!

Jon Contino

Jon Contino

Jon Contino

Jon Contino

Jon Contino